My journey in the arts lead me to 32 years 

of sharing a passion to explore and express 

my personal visual language with young students 

in an Atlanta Independent School.

I created and marketed art in

my studio/gallery in the Tula Art Center, 

a large warehouse complex in Buckhead 

that housed several prominent artists and galleries. 

The combination of these helped me gain 

recognition in the art community. 

Participation in various Atlanta art shows and 

representation by local galleries placed 

my work in private and corporate collections.

Prior to and during that time I learned many 

different techniques and media.  

My portfolio includes oils, acrylics, 

watercolor inks, digital manipulations, 

encaustic, cold wax and ceramics.  

My most recent work embodies large intuitive 

abstract colorful compositions. However, 

I love creating small ceramic figurative 

sculptures as well as making small books, 

jewelry and gift items.

The richest source of inspiration is paying 

attention to my surroundings and environment. 

That is where I find the most interesting 

interactions with shape and color, 

line and texture. 

Manipulation of the elements of design, materials 

and techniques provide me with ideas 

to satisfy the intense need I have 

to express my life through visual imagery.





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